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Director Standardization DGQ (German Association for Quality) / EOQ Representative at TC 176 - Germany


Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Votsmeier is active as standardization expert since over 20 years. Based on several functions in the field of management systems, accreditation and certification he supports related activities.

He took over functions as expert or board member e.g. at ISO TC 176, TC 207, PC 302, CASCO, IPC, EOQ, EA as well as on national level at DIN and DQS. He represents EOQ and DIN at ISO TC level. Since 2007 he is head of the Personnel Certification Body of DGQ.

He works in different functions in several associations national at DIN and the German accreditation Body, internationally at EOQ, IPC, EA, ISO, Casco and is actively involved in development of standards and certification programmes with focus on management systems and certification issues.

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